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Visual Artist

Mel is an artist from Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia. She has been producing art since studying in Visual Arts in school and university. Mel captures the colours, patterns and movement in the natural environment, whether it be through her contemporary portraits and landscapes, or through the flow of her resin and mixed media works which mimic natural landscapes.

Mel enjoys experimenting with different mediums and adding these to epoxy resin to create multi-layered works which are almost three dimensional. Bodies of water such as oceans and lakes influence the colour and movement, and she plays with light and reflections to create the moods and emotions of nature. 

Oils are the primary medium for Mel’s realistic portraits, though she does also work with acrylics.  Mel builds layers of oils to create contemporary depictions of people and animals reflecting candid moments. Her paintings portray the honesty of the subject; capturing moments and thoughts that each viewer can connect with. 

Mel currently paints in her studio opposite native bushland in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.



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